Happy Valentines Day 2019 Poems for Boyfriend/Girlfriend

You can use our poems and wishes to write on your cards Valentine or if you have enough inspiration, you can customize a bit. A message of love for Valentine’s like a romantic poem that says a few sweet words the strength of a beautiful love. A statement to say how much I love you.

the measure of love
is to love without measure
show every day
how much you love each other
a little gesture Valentine
awakens love in us
– Valentine Cards 2018 –

Valentine oh
my passion is so intense
my dearest wish is
to share my life with you
every day you conquer
a piece of my heart
– Valentine 2018 –

like flowers
need the sun to
become a beautiful flower
me I need you
to find myself
– valentine Greeting 2018 –

you are my abundant sea
full of happiness
you kiss my salty tears
with a warm comfort
– Messages Valentine 2018 –

in your palm
impregnated with passion
I taste the blue grapes
our lips end
in the water flowing back
where sighs orange sun
– Short Poems Valentine 2018 –

your current bank without
taking me carefree
thy river confidently
floods me immediately
but in your sea of desire
I really want to dive
– Rhymes Valentine 2018 –

my happiness grows
every day since our
first meeting
with you, I can be myself
I feel comfortable
you are my valentine
– Saint Valentine Love Letter 2018 –

Best Valentines Day Poems to wishes your Husband And Wife…
your heart keep me prisoner
I will not be delivered
because you love me that
is worth more than my freedom
– Love valentine greeting cards –

if you were a tear
in the corner of my eye
I dare not cry
for fear of losing you
I love you so much
my love

I love you for many things
for your beautiful smile
that touches me
in your gentle hand
on my shoulder
I just love you
because you’re you
– Little love valentine wish –

I love you as
only you can love make you
feel like you give me to say
I love you like
I never loved
– Love Message Valentine –

happy valentine
you’re talented, charming,
exciting, witty
and fun simply amazing
– Romantic Poem Valentine –

the elusive love
the inexplicable love
love that dream
love always love
good valentine!
– Little Word of Love Valentine –

happy valentine sweetheart
great tenderness and joy
on this day when my heart
only search your happiness
I love you my love
– Little love valentine wishes –
We wish you A very Happy Valentines Day Cheers !!

What’s more unique than a love poem to express his feelings of love. We should not wait for the day of Saint Valentine to say I love you to someone … I am sending you this SMS love to tell you that I will always love you.
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