While people are excited about the upcoming Valentine’s Week in the second week of February, there is also anti-Valentine’s Week for those who are in mood to celebrate Valentine’s Day. While the celebrated Valentine’s Week end on February 14, the Anti-Valentine’s Day begins from the next day. After all the romance and love, here is how the cupid’s arrow show its true colors. With the beginning of Anti-Valentine’s Week, all love and romance go for a toss.

Anti-Valentine Week comes to the help of everyone who got their heart broken on Valentine’s Day or are planning to end their relationship. So the week begins with Slap Day on February 15 and goes on to celebrate hatred and break-up. After Slap Day comes, Kick Day, Perfume Day and Flirting Day. There is also a Confession Day, Missing Day and the final Breakup Day. Valentine Week List 2017: Rose Day, Propose Day, Kiss Day & complete list of days to celebrate till Valentine’s Day
Here is the list of days in Anti-Valentine Week 2017:
February 15, 2015 – Happy Slap Day 2017
February 16, 2015 – Happy Kick Day 2017

February 17, 2015 – Happy Perfume Day 2017
February 18, 2015 – Happy Flirting Day 2017
February 19, 2015 – Happy Confession Day 2017
February 20, 2015 – Happy Missing Day 2017

February 21, 2015 – Happy Breakup Day 2017.

Even if you are not someone who celebrates these days, let’s find something positive in it and have a great week. For example, on Kick Day you can stop your negative thoughts from affecting you in your daily life. While on Confession Day you can accept your mistake and go for a fresh start. Let’s look at the brighter side of things and not let the past affect us.