From First Kiss to eCommerce Bliss

Romance takes on a new meaning during summer.  Sometimes the first opportunity for a new couple to get away and test their relationship further happens to coincide with summer vacation when both are available to take a romantic cruise, go island hopping, and indulge in leisurely strolls along the beach.  It’s also a time when invitations to parties, weddings and company events become a way of showing you’re a couple.

You tend to check with each other to be sure you don’t double book yourselves on the weekend. You check with each other before accepting invites and get ready to meet co-workers, friends and family.

You might even shop together to make sure you stock up on the things you’ll need on the trip.  This is a good time to introduce your significant other to Groupon and show how smart you are by shopping for your romantic getaways at Target.

If you think about it, Target is the ideal place to shop because you can get so many items for you upcoming adventure.  They stock everything from food to electronics, housewares, and picnic supplies.  Groupon makes it easy to shop for the things you’ll need to make your stay together as comfortable as possible.

Shopping together doesn’t have to mean going to the store, you can shop online and save time and money by using Groupons to save as much as 30% off select merchandise and even more on clearance items.  And if one or both of you are getting ready to go back to school, you’ll find deals good for hundreds of items. 

Thousands of couples choose summer as the ideal time for their wedding ceremony.  They plan their nuptials during the summer break from school, so family members can travel to their destination and bring the little ring bearer with them.  When this happens, the couple wants the guests to have a pleasant experience save as much as they can.  Many of these weddings start with a sweet kiss on Kiss Day, followed by a romantic proposal on Valentine’s Day.

Once the proposal is made and accepted, the date is set for the wedding, and the planning starts.  Because Valentine’s Day takes place during the winter, many couples want to wait until the weather is fair so travel is smoother and the days are sunny and warm.  When you get to that phase, be certain to include Groupon in the mix and save money by shopping for all your needs, romantic or otherwise – at Target.
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