100+ Happy Valentine Day 2020 love Shayari in hindi

Happy Valentine Day 2020 Shayari: Valentine’s Day is a time when people show feelings of love, affection and friendship. Valentine’s Day is a very old tradition, thought to have created from a Roman festival. Huge number of peoples looked the Valentine Shayari sending for loved ones. 
Valentine’s Day is a time to share happiness and emotions with your loved one and it is the day to express one’s love for a sweetheart. Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14th February by people all over the world. Shayari express the feeling of love, care etc. On this day, people Surprise their valentine with gifts, send Valentine’s Day Shayari and make this day even more special. 
In this article, I’m sharing Best Valentine’s Day 2016 all day’s Shayari for you. The Romans had a festival called Lupercalia in the middle of February officially the start of their springtime. It is celebrated in many ways worldwide and falls on 14th February each year. Every February 14, across the United States and in other places around the world, candy, flowers and gifts are exchanged between loved ones, all in the name of St. 
Valentine. Valentine Day is a day of Love. The story of its patron saint–is covered in mystery. We do know that February has long been celebrated as a month of romance, love, and that St. Valentine’s Day, as we know it today, contains remainder of both Christian and ancient Roman tradition. Many people around the world celebrate Valentine’s Day by showing pleasure for the people they love or adore. Some people take their loved ones for a romantic dinner at a restaurant while others may choose this day to propose or get married. Many people give greeting cards, chocolates, jewelry or flowers, particularly roses, to their partners or lover on Valentine’s Day. It is also a time to appreciate friends in some social circles and traditions.
 For example, Valentine’s Day in Finland refers to “Friend’s day”, which is more about remembering all friends rather than focusing solely on romance. Valentine’s Day in Guatemala is known as Day of Love and Friendship.  It is comparable to Valentine’s Day customs and traditions countries such as the United States but it is also a time for many to show their appreciation for their friends

Happy Valentine’s day 2019 Shayari in Hindi

Apke aane se zindagi kitni Khubsurat hai,
Dil me basi hai jo wo apki hi Surat hai,
Door jaana nahi humse kabhi bhulkar bhi,
Hume har kadam per aapki Zarurat hai.
Happy Valentine’s day 2016 Shayari in Hindi

Happy Valentine’s Day 2019 Love Shayari

Jab samne hote ho tum ..
Na jane kyo hosh kho baith the hai hum..
Milti hai nazar jab jab tumse..
Sab kuch bhul jate hai hum..
Hoti hai tu itne kareeb..
Phir bhi dil ki baat kehne se ruk jate hum…
Happy Valentine’s Day 2016 Love Shayari

Happy Rose day 2019 Shayari

  • Aap ki yaad mein sab kuch
    bhulaye baithe hain,
    Chiraag khushiyon ke bujhaye
    baithe hain,
    Hum toh marenge aap ki baahon
    Yeh bhi maut se shart lagaaye
    baithe hain..!!
  • I know dat when u were little u used 2 dream of a handsome and brave prince who would make u happy and would protect u from all d bad things in life. Let me make dat happen for u! Happy Valentine’s Day 2 a very special lady!
Happy Rose day 2016 Shayari

Happy Propose day 2019 Shayari

  • Muskan Ho Tum Is Hotoon Ki,
    Dhadkan Ho Tum Is Dil Ki,
    Haasi Ho Tum Is Chere Ki,
    Jaan Ho Tum Is Ruuh Ki.
  • Jub Khamosh Aankho Se Baat Hoti Hai
    Aise Hi Mohabbat Ki Suruwat Hoti Hai
    Tumhare Hi Khayalo Mein Khoye Rehte Hain
    Pata Nahi Kab Din Kab Raat Hoti Hai
Happy Propose day 2016 Shayari

Happy Chocolate day 2019 shayari

Jab samne hote ho tum ..
Na jane kyo hosh kho baith the hai hum..
Milti hai nazar jab jab tumse..
Sab kuch bhul jate hai hum..
Hoti hai tu itne kareeb..
Phir bhi dil ki baat kehne se ruk jate hum…
Happy Chocolate day 2016 shayari

Happy Teddy day 2019 shayari

  • Mohabbat Main Ju Gham Aaye Hans K Seh Leena Koi Bhi Gila Shikwa Ho Khul K Tum Keh Dena Tum Se Kabhi Bhi Juda Nahi Honga Main Magar Kabhi Bhi Yeh Matt Kehna Mere Bin Hi Ji Lena. Happy Valentines Day……..
  • As I will be for u, And we will love d whole day long, And love our whole lives through. For love has no parameters And does not end with time, But is d gift of paradise, A pinch of d sublime. So let us take dis holiday 2 resubmit our love 2 those within dat know no sin And with d angels move
    Happy Valentine’s Day
Happy Teddy day 2016 shayari

Happy promise day 2019 shayari

Jaab khamoos akhoo se baat hoti hai
ese he muhabbat ki suruwaat hoti hai
tumhare khyalo me khoye rahte hai
pata nahi kaab Din or raat hoti hai..
Happy promise day 2016 shayari

Happy Kiss day 2019 shayari

  • Kaanto ke badle phool kya doge
    Aansoon ke badle khushi kya doge
    Hum chahate aap se umar bhar ka saath
    Hamare iss sawal ka jawab kya doge…
  • Before meeting u dre were so many things dat were not right in my life, including my horribly-decorated bachelor pad. Thank God u came in2 my life and saved me from a life of darkness, solitude and poor taste! Happy Valentine’s Day! I love u!
Happy Kiss day 2016 shayari

Happy Hug day 2019 shayari

Hum tere sath chalenge tu chale na chale,
Tera har dard sahenge tu kahe ya na kahe,
Hum chahte hai ki tum sada khush raho,
Hum chahe rahe ya na rahe…Happy Valentine Day…
Happy Hug day 2016 shayari

Kick day 2019 shayari

In order to acquire a growing and lasting respect in society, it is a good thing, if you possess great talent, to give, early in your youth, a very hard kick to the right shin of the society that you love After that, be a snob.
Kick day 2016 shayari

Perfume day 2019 shayari

Kitni wakif thi
Womeri kamzori se wo,
Wo ro deti thi
Aur main har jata tha..
Perfume day 2016 shayari

Confession day 2019 shayari

  • Utar ke dekh meri chahat ki gehrai mein,
    Sochna mere bare mein raat ki tanhai mein,
    Agar ho jaye meri chahat ka ehsas tumhein,
    To milega mera aks tumhein apni hi parchhai mein…
  • Khushi se dil ko aabad karna…
    Aur gham ko dil se azad karna,
    Hamari bus itni gujarish hai ke hame bhi
    Din me ek baar YAAD karna…
Confession day 2016 shayari

Missing day 2019 shayari

  • Jo Pyar Hamesha Sath Rahe Wo Sacha Hai Ji,
    Jo Musibaton Mein Kaam Aaye Wo Acha Hai Ji,
    Kabhi Kabhi Humse Bhi Ho Jati Hai Nadaniya,
    Kyonki Dil To Baccha Hai Ji.
  • Will u be my Valentine? I know dat I am urs. U are like a ocean, And I am like ur shores U are like an endless wave And I ur waiting sand. And I will wait forever as U come & smooth my hand. I will wait forever, yet U are a part of me. I hold u in my arms, while u Come 2 me endlessly. I know dat I am urs. I love u with a love dat yearns 2 be ur golden shores. Will u be my Valentine?
Missing day 2016 shayari

Breakup day 2019 shayari

  • Ashiq ne pucha khuda se
    Tune dunia ko Pyaar ka dushman kyu bana diya..
    Khuda hansa aur bola
    Ashiqo ne kaun sa mere sath achcha kiya hai…
    Unhone to Yaar ko hi khuda bana diya…
  • We’ve known each odr,
    For a long long time,
    But I never really noticed,
    All d magic in ur eyes,ve been around u,
    A thousand times before,
    And u’ve always been a friend 2 me,
    But now I’m wanting more.
Breakup day 2016 shayari
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